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Anderson County Arrest Records

Arrest records are official documents and logs containing information about the arrest processes in Anderson County. It includes information about the booking process and warrants issued for an arrest. South Carolina Code of Laws permits citizens and law enforcement officers to arrest individuals suspected or caught committing an offense. An arrest may be made with or without an issued warrant and is mandatory to preserve public peace/safety and ensure proper punishment is meted out to the suspect if found guilty of the alleged crime.

In Anderson County, an arrest can be a reaction to varying crime severities, ranging from minor infractions to graver felonies. After an arrest, the arresting agency, usually the Sheriff's Office, collects relevant details (including fingerprints and mugshots) about the arrestee and the arrest in a process known as “Booking”. Subsequently, the arrested individual may be released on bail or detained while awaiting trial or sentencing. Inmates incarcerated in Anderson County are typically held in the Detention Division of the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office.

Information collected during the booking/arrest process may become essential in subsequent criminal proceedings and arraignments. Hence, arrest records typically form part of Anderson County Court Records.

Are Arrest Records Public in Anderson County?

Yes. The South Carolina Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) governs public access to records maintained by government bodies, including arrest records. Section 30-4-30 of the FOIA allows every interested person to inspect and duplicate copies of Anderson County arrest records except otherwise stated in other state or federal laws.

Anderson County arrest records that will be publicly available usually have some information redacted or sealed to prevent infringement of privacy rights. However, law enforcement agencies and other authorized entities may be able to access such information with a court order unless the record bearer files for sealing or expungement of such records. Some of the arrest information exempt from public inspection include:

  • Information that may impede a person from obtaining a fair hearing
  • Records related to arrests involving minors
  • Ongoing law enforcement agencies’ investigations and proceedings
  • Sensitive and confidential information that breaches public safety and privacy rights
  • Information that discloses confidential sources
  • Information that may endanger the life of the named party, such as the personal information of a witness.

What Do Public Arrest Records Contain?

Arrest records that will be available for public examination in Anderson County generally contain the following information

  • The complete name set of the arrested person, including aliases
  • The Date of birth and current age of the arrestee
  • Physical descriptions of the individual (height, weight, skin color, hair/eye color)
  • The Nationality, place, and city of origin of the individual
  • The alleged crime and events surrounding the arrest
  • Mugshots and photographs
  • Booking details such as booking number, date, place, and agent/agency
  • Arrest disposition (release/bail information or details about the detention facility).

Anderson County Crime Rate

The South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) collates data on crimes perpetrated in the various counties via its Uniform Crime Report (UCR) program. Crime statistics published in 2022 reveal that 7,298 crimes were reported compared with 7,965 in 2021. The most popular crime in 2022 was larceny, which accounted for 4,639 of the total crimes. The next crime with a large number of reported crimes was burglary (918), followed by aggravated assault (805). Murder (9) recorded the least number of crimes, followed by arson (36) and robbery (56).

Anderson County Arrest Statistics

SLED arrest statistics show that Anderson County law enforcement made 5,332 arrests in 2022, down from 5,822 arrests in 2021. Comparing both years, there was an 8.4% reduction in arrests recorded in 2022. The most prevalent offenses for which persons were arrested included drug law violations (934), disorderly conduct (553), larceny (487), simple assault (463), and trespass of real property (404).

Find Anderson County Arrest Records

Members of the public interested in finding Anderson County arrest records may use state and federal resources that will be outlined below.

  • The statewide incarcerated inmate search tool maintained by the South Carolina Department of Corrections(SCDC) may be employed to obtain arrest records generated in Anderson County. To find arrest information using this inmate locator, one may need to enter a SCDC inmate number, the first/last name of the inmate, and other required search filters.
  • The Federal Bureau of Prisons online inmate locator is the federal resource that can be used to access Anderson County arrest information. To use any of the online resources mentioned earlier, the name, sex, release date, or identification number of the record bearer will be required to facilitate the search.

Free Arrest Record Search in Anderson County

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office is the main enforcement agency in the county and is responsible for preserving arrest records for the county. Information regarding Individuals booked into the Anderson County Detention Center (ACDC) following an arrest is available to members of the public freely and weekly on the Sheriff’s website. Interested persons may also visit the physical location of the Sheriff’s Office to request arrest records. Inmate information may be retrieved from the Public Safety webpage managed by the Sheriff’s Office.

Apart from the Sheriff’s Office, interested individuals may search for arrest records for free using independent third-party websites that usually contain extensive and detailed information sourced from official and other sources. To glean arrest information from these third-party repositories, one will need to supply a name, booking number, and other search criteria.

Get Anderson County Criminal Records

A criminal record, also known as criminal history in Anderson County, is an official summary of an individual’s activity and movement within the justice system. They typically comprise records related to arrests, booking, detention, charges, sentencing, probation, and parole where available.

To obtain Anderson County criminal records and conduct background checks, requestors may use the SLED Citizens Access to Criminal History (CATCH). The tool provides statewide criminal history information about citizens of Anderson County. Anderson County residents intending to conduct a background check will need to enter a first/last name, date of birth, and any other required information into the search portal to retrieve a criminal history. Using CATCH costs $25 per search plus a $1.00 convenience fee.

Alternatively, interested persons may also obtain criminal history information through mail. To send a mail request, a completed Criminal Records Check Form, acceptable payment means, and a self-addressed stamped envelope may be sent to the SLED Records Department, P.O. Box 21398 Columbia SC 29221-1398.

Anderson County Arrest Records Vs. Criminal Records

Anderson County arrest records are reports and descriptions of the events surrounding an arrest. They disclose the personal identifying information of the arrested individual, the alleged crime, information about the arresting agent/ agency, and other details collected during the booking process. These records are typically generated and maintained by the County Sheriff’s Office and other peace agencies in the county.

Criminal records, on the other hand, are mostly created during criminal court proceedings and include case filings, convictions, sentencings, and the outcome of the case. The major differences between criminal and arrest records are the nature of the information they contain and their custodians.

How Long Do Arrests Stay on Your Record?

Indefinitely. Arrest records generated in Anderson County remain on an individual's criminal history perpetually until they are expunged or redacted.

Expunge Anderson County Arrest Records

Expunging Anderson County arrest records entails the removal of such records from public access and the erasal of such records from the criminal history of the affected person. By the South Carolina Code of Laws Title 17, Chapter 1, expunged records though sealed are accessible to law enforcement and prosecution agencies for three years hundred and twenty days to enable them to conclude ongoing investigations.

For an offense to be eligible for expungement, it must be:

  • A nolle prossequi, dismissed, or no conviction case
  • A first-time fraudulent check, misdemeanor for drug possession, and general misdemeanors
  • A first-time offense under the Youth Offender Act (YOA)
  • A first-offense failure to stop for a blue light or simple possession
  • A case where the offender has undergone a pretrial intervention, alcohol or traffic education program
  • Cases involving juveniles
  • A case involving human trafficking victims.

To process an expungement in Anderson County:

Att: Diversion
Tenth Circuit Solicitor’s Office
P.O. Box 8002
Anderson, SC 29622.

  • Pay the required and nonrefundable expungement fees
  • Await a response from the solicitor’s office approving the expungement which may take about four months to be processed.

Anderson County Arrest Warrants

An Anderson County arrest warrant is an official legal document issued and signed by a judge authorizing law enforcement to bring an individual into custody. A warrant is usually issued when a person evades a court appearance, commits a crime, or fails to pay fines and restitution ordered by a court.

Arrest warrants issued in Anderson County generally contain descriptions of the suspect such as name, address, height, weight, skin color, race, age, and birth date. It also includes the crimes the individual is suspected of committing, the name/signature of the judge, and the name of the enforcement agent executing the warrant.

Anderson County Arrest Warrant Search

An Anderson County arrest warrant search reveals whether or not an individual has an active warrant issued against them. Interested persons may request and inspect arrest warrants issued in Anderson County in person at the Warrant Division of the Sheriff‘s Office located at:

Anderson County Sheriff’s Office
Law Enforcement Center
305 Camson Road
Anderson, SC 29625
Phone: (864) 260-4400
Fax: (864) 222-3962

The online most wanted person database provided by the Sheriff’s office may also be used to obtain information about active arrest warrants. South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services maintains a log of most wanted offenders. Residents of Anderson County may query this database to retrieve information related to outstanding arrest warrants.

Do Anderson County Arrest Warrants Expire?

No. Arrest warrants published in Anderson County do not expire; they remain active until the record subject makes a court appearance, is arrested, or the warrant is recalled by the issuing court. A court may decide to quash a warrant for several reasons, including evidence establishing a false probable cause or illegal execution of the arrest warrant.

Several factors may delay the execution of an arrest warrant, such as the suspect fleeing the jurisdiction of the warrant and evading arrest. In such cases, the warrant remains valid pending when the fugitive is apprehended.

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