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Greenville County Court Records

Greenville County court records are official documents that detail all actions taken by the court. The local court clerk is responsible for preparing, collating, and maintaining all documents and materials that make up the court’s records. A Greenville County Court record includes paperwork (printed and written), audio recordings, videotapes, photographs, and other relevant materials generated or filed during a judicial proceeding.

Popular types of court records are dockets, minutes, exhibits, orders, and case files. South Carolina court records contain a variety of information, including the case number, the type of case, and the names of the parties involved. Court records are an integral and significant part of the Greenville legal system, as they serve various purposes and ensure transparency, accountability, and the integrity of judicial proceedings.

Are Court Records Public in Greenville County?

Yes. Under the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), court records are classified as public records. This means that they are available for viewing, copying, and printing by interested members of the public. Most Greenville County Court records are available for both online and physical inspection at the Greenville County Clerk of Court’s office. However, there are notable exceptions, which include juvenile court records, adoption-related court case records, dismissed warrants, cases sealed by court order, and special cases whose public disclosure is prohibited by the court.

Greenville County Court Records Search

Interested residents of Greenville County may perform a court records search via any of the following methods:

  • Online via the Greenville County Public Index
  • The Greenville County Courthouse
  • The office of the clerk of the courthouse where a case was originally filed
  • Online search tools provided by the clerks of various Greenville courts
  • The County Clerk of Court’s off-site record retention facilities (for older records that are not immediately available)
  • Third-party aggregate databases dedicated to court record searches.

Greenville County Court Records Search by Name

Parties looking to find a record on any court case adjudicated in Greenville must filter the search using various criteria, including the name of any of the parties involved in the case and a case number. Searching for court records by name allows a searcher to find all court records related to a particular name that are available in the searched database.

Searchers can either submit the name to the clerk of the courthouse where a case was adjudicated using a court record request or enter it in the appropriate field on the Greenville County Public Index to retrieve related records. Payment information for name-based searches at the office of the Greenville Circuit court clerk is as follows:

  • Twenty-five cents ($0.25) per copy and printout
  • Certified copies are available for $10 per document
  • Exemplified copies and Notary Certificates Under Seal are available for $10 per document
  • Acceptable modes of payment are money orders, cash, cards, and business checks.

Greenville County Courts

The Greenville County Circuit Court is the highest in the county, with eight courtrooms and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) facilities. It has general jurisdiction, which means that it can preside over all types of cases. Other courts in the county have limited jurisdiction, meaning each of them can only handle specific types of cases according to their specifications. Below are the addresses and contact information of the various courts in the county:

Greenville County Circuit Courthouse
305 East North Street
Greenville, SC 29601
Phone: (864) 467-8551
Fax: (864) 467-8540

Greenville County Family Court
350 Halton Road
Post Office Box 27107
Greenville, SC 29616
Phone: (864) 467-5800
Fax: (864) 467-5856

Greenville County Probate Court
301 University Ridge
Greenville County Square
Suite N-T100
Estate Division
Greenville, SC 29601
Phone: (864) 467-7170

North Greenville Summary Court
301 Trailblazer Drive
Travelers Rest, SC29690
Phone: (864) 467-8600

South Greenville Summary Court
8150 Augusta Road
Piedmont, SC 29673-8610
Phone: (864) 277-9555

West Greenville Summary Court
301 University Ridge
Suite S-T600
Greenville, SC 29601
Phone: (864) 467-4640

Bond Court
Law Enforcement Center
Room 116-A
4 McGee Street
Greenville, SC 29601
Phone: (864) 467-2402

Chick Springs Summary Court
2801 Wade Hampton Boulevard
Suite 302,
Taylors, SC 29687
Phone: (864) 963-3457

Gantt Summary Court
1103 White Horse Road
Greenville, SC 29605
Phone: (864) 467-8825

Fairview/Austin Summary Court
205 North Maple Street
Suite 4
Simpsonville, SC 29681
Phone: (864) 963-3457

Greer Summary Court
100 South Main Street, Suite A
Greer, SC 29690
Phone: (864) 371-1400

Fountain Inn Municipal Court
315 North Main Street
Fountain Inn, SC 29644
Phone: (864) 409-0617
Fax: (864) 409-8363

Greenville Municipal Court
426 North Main Street,
Greenville, SC 29601
Phone: (864) 467-6650
Fax: (864) 467-6651

Greer Municipal Court
100 South Main Street
Greer, SC 29650
Phone: (864) 848-5374
Fax: (864) 848-5377

Mauldin Municipal Court
5 East Butler Road
P.O. Box 249
Mauldin, SC 29662
Phone: (864) 289-8907
Fax: (864) 297-3411

Simpsonville Municipal Court
118 Northeast Main Street
Simpsonville, SC 29681
Phone: (864) 228-2009
Fax: (864) 967-9530

Travelers Rest Municipal Court
6711 State Park Road
Travelers Rest, SC 29690
Phone: (864) 834-1630
Fax: (864) 834-4123

Greenville County Circuit Court Case Search

The Greenville County Circuit Court has general jurisdiction over a wide range of case types, including family disputes, civil hearings, criminal justice, and probate cases. All court case records filed at the office of the Greenville County clerk of court are available for public inspection online and at the courthouse location.

Greenville County Circuit Courthouse
305 East North Street
Greenville, SC 29601.

The court also maintains a searchable public index where interested parties can perform searches and print images of civil court case records. For searches related to criminal case records, this website only displays file information. Court records that are unavailable online are available for physical inspection on the second floor of the Circuit Courthouse. These records are also available for copying and printing for $0.25 per page. Printouts of certified and sealed copies cost $10.00 per document.

Greenville County District Court Records

All Greenville County District Court records are available for perusal by interested parties. Inquirers can search for court records filed in the clerk’s office using the case file number. Record requesters who do not have the case number of their case of interest may retrieve it using the searchable party index, which is available at the court’s office location. For inquiries, contact the court’s office at (864) 241-2700.

A $34.00 fee, which must be paid in advance, is required for record searches conducted by the office of the court clerk. The district court has public access terminals, searchable by party name, case file number, or date range in which a particular case was filed. A $0.10 fee per page applies.

Searchers can also find court records by using the Microfiche Party Name Search tool for civil cases filed from 1981 through 1990 and criminal cases filed from 1981 through 1992. Alternatively, searchers can use PACER to search for civil and criminal case records filed from November 1990 and September 1992 until the present, respectively. The district court has jurisdiction over all kinds of civil and criminal matters.

Greenville County Criminal Records

Greenville County criminal records are maintained by various entities, including law enforcement agencies, the county sheriff, and the county clerk. For remote access, interested individuals may use the Citizens Access to Criminal Histories (CATCH) search tool provided by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) to perform a statewide criminal record search.

Each name-based criminal background check on this portal costs a non-refundable fee of $25 (plus a $1 convenience fee for online requests). Mail requests for Greenville criminal records should contain a completed Criminal Records Check Form, the applicable fees, and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Acceptable means of payment include money orders as well as business, certified, and cashier’s checks. Inquirers should address their mailed requests to:

SLED Records Department
P.O. Box 21398
Columbia, SC 29221-1398.

Greenville County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Records on criminal cases adjudicated in courts within Greenville are available to interested members of the public. They are generated in a General Sessions Court. Requesting parties may access any non-confidential criminal records via several means, such as:

  • In person at the courthouse that presided over the case
  • Local law enforcement agencies involved in the case
  • Official searchable online information repositories created for this purpose by the clerk of court or law enforcement agencies
  • Third-party websites.

Get Greenville County Civil Court Records

In Greenville County, civil court records are otherwise referred to as Common Plea court records because they are created in a Common Plea court. Civil court cases include personal injury, property, family, probate, and consumer protection disputes. Residents of Greenville County may visit the clerk of the courthouse where the civil case of interest was filed to obtain records.

While record inspection may be free, inquirers must pay a fee if they wish to make copies of records. Printouts are available for a $0.25 fee per page of non-certified documents and $10 per page of certified documents. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, money orders, and specific types of checks. Images of recorded documents are available online for remote access via the Greenville County Public Index discussed in a previous header.

Greenville County Family Court Records

The Greenville County Family Court has exclusive authority to preside over cases related to domestic disputes. Common examples are property disputes between spouses, granting of alimony, dissolution of marriages, child support and custody matters, and legal change of names. All court records related to cases adjudicated in the family court are available for public inspection except certain records that are typically considered confidential, such as adoption records, juvenile records, child custody records, and domestic violence case records.

The court that presided over a particular family dispute is the primary custodian of related records. Generally, nonconfidential family court records are publicly available for inspection, printing, and copying at the Family Court Office located at 301 University Ridge. Older records filed between 1925 and 1996 are available at the Clerk of Circuit Court’s office at 305 North East Street, Greenville.

Alternatively, one can conduct a statewide search for family case records using an online portal. This website, provided by the South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS), allows searches by case number.

Greenville Dissolution of Marriage Records

Greenville dissolution of marriage records are classified as family court records and are typically related to divorce cases. As such, they are filed and maintained by the same custodians as family records and can be obtained following the methods explained in the previous header.

Greenville County Marriage and Divorce Records

The Greenville County Probate Court has jurisdiction over all Greenville County marriage records, including marriage certificates and licenses. It allows interested parties to conduct marriage record lookups online using their Marriage License Search tool. Inquirers can also mail in applications for certified copies of marriage licenses issued from 1973 to date. Mail-in requests are addressed as follows:

Greenville County Probate Court
Marriage License Division
301 University Ridge, Suite 5600
Greenville, SC 29601.

The Greenville County Family Court also presides over divorce cases and other related matters and maintains a record repository of all filed cases. Interested individuals may request and obtain copies of divorce records at the relevant Clerk of Court’s office located at:

Greenville County Family Court
350 Halton Road
Post Office Box 27107
Greenville, SC 29616
Phone: (864) 467-5800

Greenville Birth and Death Records

In Greenville County, birth and death records are typically handled by the Vital Records Division of the Greenville County Health Department. They are generally classified as Greenville County vital records. This same office makes them available for public viewing online and in person at their office. To find records, requesters typically have to provide specific information about the person whose records they seek to obtain, such as their full name, parents’ names, and date of birth or death.

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) also maintains copies of birth and death records and typically facilitates a search at their office. Its online search tool allows users to conduct vital record searches for all the counties in South Carolina. The site also contains procedures and requirements for requesting Greenville County birth certificates. Only certificates for births that occurred since 1915 to date are available on this website.

Similarly, there are requirements and procedures for obtaining death records from the SCHHEC. There are various methods of finding death records, including online, by phone, in person, and by mail. Third parties can only be provided with a written statement that the death took place and relevant details about the death, including the date and place of death. Death certificates only become public after 50 years.

Original copies of recent death certificates are mainly available to family members. However, they may be given parties who can demonstrate sufficient evidence that they need the death certificate to settle a tangible interest (possibly in a property or personal right), such as life insurance beneficiaries or joint owners of a property.

Greenville County Probate Court Records

The Greenville County Probate Court has jurisdiction over various cases about guardianships, probate of estates, probate of wills, trusts, and other legal matters of probate. They are also responsible for issuing marriage certificates and licenses. There is only one court in Greenville with jurisdiction over probate matters, located at

301 University Ridge
Greenville County Square
Suite N-T100
Estate Division
Greenville, SC 29601.

Record seekers may visit the courthouse location during opening hours to inspect copies of records or use the online search tool available on the court’s official website. Common search parameters for probate court records are the full name of the decedent, date of death or incapacity, case number, and case type.

Certain records may be unavailable for public view, including sensitive personal information, sealed estate records, mental health proceeding paperwork, and guardianship records for incapacitated adults and minors.

Greenville County Property Records

The Greenville County Register of Deeds records all liens, land titles, plats, mortgages, deeds, and other property documents created within the county’s jurisdictional limits. The Register of Deeds is also responsible for maintaining these records and making them readily available to interested members of the public.

Greenville County property records are available online for free, courtesy of the Register of Deeds. Property records found in online databases are typically searchable by owner name, address, or parcel number. For certified copies, visit

Register of Deeds
301 University Ridge
Greenville County Square
Suite S-2100
Greenville, SC 29601
Main: (864) 467-7240
Fax: (864) 467-7107
The office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

Greenville County Court Records Online

There are third-party websites for almost all kinds of Greenville County public records. These websites, owned by independent companies, are usually run alongside official government-operated websites. While they may tout free access on their pages, they typically only display basic record information for free. To access a full report or record, users usually have to pay a fee.

Third-party online record databases like are sometimes easy to use as they have various additional functionalities (such as relevant search filters) and are usually not limited to a specific jurisdiction (usually statewide or countrywide). Users may also find other types of records related to a searched name, whereas official resources only limit results to a specific type of record or jurisdiction.

On the downside, however, third-party search tools are usually more expensive than government sites. Moreover, records found on these sites may not be complete or up-to-date. As such, it is best to verify records retrieved from third-party sources with official records.

  • Criminal Records
  • Arrests Records
  • Warrants
  • Driving Violations
  • Inmate Records
  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Bankruptcies
  • Tax & Property Liens
  • Civil Judgements
  • Federal Dockets
  • Probate Records
  • Marriage Records
  • Divorce Records
  • Death Records
  • Property Records
  • Asset Records
  • Business Ownership
  • Professional Licenses
  • And More!