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Horry County Court Records

Horry County court records are written, printed, and media files containing information about cases adjudicated by the county's courts. These records include transcripts, dockets, filed complaints, pleadings, and judgments filed during a lawsuit.

The Clerk of Court of Horry County is the custodian of court records in the county and is responsible for making them available for public inspection. In Horry County, South Carolina, court records help citizens stay abreast of judicial proceedings, ensuring transparency and accountability in the judicial system.

Are Court Records Public in Horry County?

Yes, court records are public in Horry County. According to the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act, documents created and maintained by public agencies are public records. They are publicly available unless otherwise restricted. However, court records such as juvenile, adoption, expunged, sealed, or vacated records may be restricted from public access because they contain sensitive information. Access to them is limited to authorized persons, such as parties in the case, family members, and their legal representatives.

Horry County Court Records Search

Persons who wish to lookup Horry County Court Records have the following options:

  • Visiting the local court where the case was filed
  • Contacting the Horry County Clerk of Court
  • County and state online search tools
  • Third-party databases.

Horry County Court Records Search by Name

The Horry County Clerk of Court's Office maintains an online records tool where an individual can conduct a Horry County Court records search by name. Inquirers enter the first name or last name of the grantor or grantee in the search field, select the document type and preferred date range, and then click the search button to start their search. From the search results, desired records can be added to the cart and checked out for unredacted viewing for 24 hours.

Alternatively, a requestor may visit the Circuit Clerk of Court office or the local court where the case was filed. There, they must provide administrative staff with details about the case, such as the parties' names and case numbers. In some cases, primarily when a requestor seeks access to restricted court records, they may be required to present a photo ID and pay applicable fees.

Horry County Courts

The Horry County court system is part of the 15th Judicial Circuit of South Carolina. The contact details for the courts are as follows:

Horry County Courthouse
1201 3rd Avenue
Conway, SC 29526
Phone: (843) 915-5080
Fax: (843) 915-6081

Horry County Family Court
1301 2nd Avenue
Conway, SC 29526
Phone: (843) 915-5081
Fax: (843) 915-6082

Horry County Centralized Magistrate Bond Court
J. Ruben Long Detention Center
4150 J. Ruben Long Avenue
Conway, SC, 29526-1071
Phone: (843) 915-5145
Fax: (843) 365-8934

Horry County Circuit Court Case Search

The Horry County Circuit Court handles all general sessions, which include adult felonies and misdemeanor criminal cases with penalties and fines above 30 days or $500. It also handles some misdemeanor cases in Horry County and Georgetown Counties. Horry County Circuit Court Case Search can be conducted online through the online records search tool or the public index tool. Key details necessary to complete a search include case numbers and names of parties involved in the case. Inquirers may also conduct court case searches in person by visiting the Clerk of Court's Office during business hours.

Horry County Clerk of Court
1301 Second Avenue
Conway, SC 29528
Phone: (843) 915-5080
Fax: (843) 915-6081

Horry County Magistrate Court Records

The Magistrate Court handles trial cases with fines of less than $500 and imprisonment of less than 30 days. Examples of cases they handle include Driving under the Influence (DUI) and domestic violence cases.

To obtain Horry County Magistrate Court Records, an individual can visit the magistrate court or contact the County Clerk of Court's office. To access records from a magistrate court, submit a written request specifying the exact information needed. The contact addresses of Horry County Magistrate courts include:

Horry Central Traffic Court
1201 Third Avenue
Conway, SC 29526-5105
Phone: (843) 915-5070
Fax: (843) 915-6070

Horry County Jury Court # 1
1201 Third Avenue
Conway, SC 29526
Phone: (843) 915-5065
Fax: (843) 915-6065

Horry County Criminal Domestic Violence Court
Judge Margie B. Livingston
1201 Third Avenue
Conway, SC 29526-5105
Phone: (843) 915-5065

Horry County Centralized Magistrate Bond Court
J. Ruben Long Detention Center
4150 J. Ruben Long Avenue
Conway, SC, 29526-1071
Phone: (843) 915-5145
Fax: (843) 365-8934

Horry County Preliminary Hearing Court
1201 21st Avenue North
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-7402
Phone: (843) 444-6127
Fax: (843) 444-6131

Horry County Criminal Records

Individuals can obtain Horry County criminal records that have not been restricted by contacting the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). The local sheriff's office or police department is the custodian for arrest, charges, and warrant information.

Individuals can perform name-based criminal record checks online using the SLED CATCH tool to obtain these records. To return accurate criminal records, the searcher must provide the subject's last name, first initial, and date of birth. The searcher must also pay a non-refundable fee of $25 (or $8 for charity organizations that meet state requirements). Mail-in requests and fingerprint-based background checks (only when required by statute) are also accepted. SLED CATCH criminal records do not include records of sex offenders, as a sex offender registry already exists. The contact address for SLED is as follows:

SLED Records Department
P.O. Box 21398
Columbia, SC, 29221-1398.

The Horry County Sheriff's Office manages the records of incarcerated individuals. These records can be accessed by searching their bookings and release databases. To complete the search, inquirers must have the incarcerated individual's last name, booking date, and release date. By viewing the directory on their website, individuals can obtain contacts to access other criminal records, including warrant and sex offender information.

1301 Second Avenue
P.O.Box 380
Conway, SC 29526
Phone: (843) 915-5450
Fax: (843) 915-6451

Horry County Criminal Court Case Lookup

As the record custodian for the judiciary system of Horry County, records of cases with conviction information or with ongoing trials are kept with the Clerk of Court. Individuals can conduct a Horry County Criminal Court Case Lookup on a local or county level through the Public Index tool.

Get Horry County Civil Court Records

The Clerk of Court's office is the custodian of all judicial records in Horry County, including civil and criminal records. They make these records accessible online through the Public Index tool or by making mail and in-person requests to the office. Inquirers must submit information about the case, such as the case number or party name. They must also pay the applicable search and copying fees. Furthermore, they may be required to present a government-issued ID for mail and in-person requests and must be authorized to access the record if it contains personal or sensitive information. Authorized parties include the parties involved in the case, their family, and their legal representatives. Civil case records are records from cases resolving a dispute between private individuals or businesses. Examples of civil court records include records of contract disagreements or landlord/tenant cases.

Horry County Family Court Records

Horry County Family Court Records document cases involving family-related matters such as annulments, divorce, child support, paternity, and child custody. The Horry County Family Court that maintains these records and makes them available is housed by the Horry County Circuit Court. The South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) also offers a family court public access search tool for obtaining family court records.

Individuals can search by party or case information, by case or public dockets, and access the records online. Family records are significant for establishing past family obligations during a case, for establishing genealogy for individuals, and for extracting vital birth and death data for states. Due to privacy concerns, some family records containing sensitive information may only be accessible to family members, parties involved in the case, or their legal representatives.

Horry County Dissolution of Marriage Records

Horry County dissolution of marriage (divorce) records can be obtained through the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) office in Horry County or through online third-party sources. As the official repository for vital records in South Carolina, the SCDHEC provides certified copies of records between July 1962 and December 2022. Per the South Carolina FOIA, certified copies of records with confidential information are only accessible by authorized parties, including the parties to the divorce, their adult children, their new spouses, and their legal representatives. Authorized parties apply through their preferred channel, pay the applicable fees, and obtain the records within the prescribed duration.

Third-party websites also allow individuals to search their databases for public records, including dissolution of marriage (divorce) records. Individuals can access these records by entering details into the search field, such as the party name, and then paying the applicable fees to obtain the detailed report.

Horry County Marriage and Divorce Records

To obtain Horry County marriage and divorce records, interested members of the public may complete a certified marriage certificate request form, pay the applicable fee of $5, and mail their request to the Horry County Probate Court. The mailing address of the Horry County Probate Court is as follows:

Horry County Probate Court
ATTN: Marriage License Division
P.O. Box 288
Conway, SC 29528.

Individuals can also obtain marriage and divorce records from The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) by phone or in person in Horry County. Phone requests take 5–7 business days, while in-person requests take 30–45 minutes. Each request for a divorce record costs a non-refundable payment of $17 for the first copy and $3 for each extra copy. Only the parties to the divorce, their adult children, or new spouses can request divorce records. Eligible requestors must present a valid photo ID to obtain a divorce record. Contact the SCDHEC at:

DHEC State Vital Records Office
2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC 29201
Phone: (803) 898-3630

Horry County Birth and Death Records

In South Carolina, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) maintains vital records, which include birth and death records. Vital records can be obtained from the SCDHEC through the following means:

  • Online: By using one of the authorized online vendors, a person can obtain a record by paying a $17 non-refundable searching fee, with $3 per additional copy and $8.70 as additional processing fees. It takes 5-7 business days to obtain a record. Inquirers using this method are expected to produce a valid government, employment, or school ID.
  • Phone: Individuals can call (877) 284-1008 and pay the applicable fees to obtain a record. It takes 5-7 business days to obtain a record by phone. A person can only obtain their record through this channel.
  • In-person: To obtain a record, a person can complete a vital records application form, submit a government-issued or employment ID, and pay a $17 non-refundable searching fee with $3 for each extra copy. Inquirers can have their records within 30 to 45 minutes. The address of the regional office in Horry County is as follows:

1931 Industrial Park Road
Conway, SC 29526
Phone: (843) 915-8802

According to South Carolina Legislature Section 44-63-80, vital records are only issued to the registrant (if of legal age), their parents, guardians, or legal representatives. Birth and death records are important to individuals as they help prove identity and genealogy. They are important to governments as they are sources of vital statistics that help them better plan for public health and social development.

Horry County Probate Court Records

The Horry County Probate Court is the custodian of probate matters and records in the county. The types of cases heard by the county's probate court include the following:

  • Marriage licensing: They issue certified marriage licenses and keep records of marriage certificates.
  • Estate Administration: They handle wills and the distribution of estate assets to heirs and devisees after the Decedent's death
  • Guardianship and Conservatorship: They appoint guardians to handle incapacitated persons or minors.
  • Involuntary Commitments: They handle the institutionalization of the mentally ill, alcoholics, or drug addicts who, because of their condition, are likely to harm themselves or others.

Horry County Probate Court Records can be obtained online through the Horry County Probate Court Public Inquiry Tool. Individuals can retrieve records on the site by searching for cases or parties to a case, provided they have the necessary information for completing either type of search. The contact addresses for making a record request with the Probate Court include the following:

1301 Second Avenue
P.O. Box 288
Conway, SC 29526
Phone: (843) 915-5370
Fax: (843) 915-6370

Horry County Property Records

The Harry County Registrar of Deeds and the County Assessor are the custodians of property records in Horry County. Individuals can request property information on land transfers by contacting the Horry County Registrar of Deeds and paying the applicable service fees to retrieve each record type. The contact addresses for making a record request with the Registrar of Deeds include the following:

Registrar of Deeds
1301 Second Avenue
P.O. Box 470
Conway, SC 29526
Phone: (843) 915-5430
Fax: (843) 915-6430

The Horry County Assessor's Office is responsible for property information, such as appraisals of real property for property tax purposes and property ownership information. They make these records available to inquirers upon request by email, mail, and in person. The contact addresses for making a record request with the Assessor's office include the following:

1301 Second Avenue
Conway, SC 29526
Phone: (843) 915-5040
Fax: (843) 915-6040

Horry County Online Records Search: As one of its online services, the Horry County government offers a deed search tool where property-related information like deeds, mortgages, tax liens, and plats can be viewed. Upon purchase, individuals have access to non-redacted views of these property records for 24 hours, after which the information is restricted again.

Land Records Search tool is a free county-owned property records search tool where individuals can search by Owner, PIN, TMS, Address, or subdivision to retrieve property records. Property-related information that can be retrieved using this tool includes owner information, property description, taxable value, and market value of the property.

Horry County Court Records Online

In addition to government-owned online sources, accessing Horry County Court Records is possible using third-party online resources like Third-party resources are privately owned websites that any government agency does not operate but allow public access to Horry County Public Records, including court, arrest, criminal, birth, marriage, and other vital records. Searchers can lookup public records using keywords like first name, last name, state, and city.

Third-party online resources simplify and speed up the search process for public records for more than one county. They are a one-stop location for local and national records as long as they are publicly available and have not been restricted, expunged, sealed, or vacated. However, a limitation of these websites is that they are not as up-to-date as platforms run by government agencies, meaning the results retrieved from them may be inaccurate or incomplete. Individuals are advised to double-check the court records obtained from third-party sites with official government-certified sources if they are for official use. While it is possible to find free court records on these sites, detailed reports are usually offered for a fee.

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